Your weight can make a difference to your threat of coronary heart disease (CHD). Obesity (getting a BMI of 30 or higher) is a risk factor, but weight is also linked to other conditions like high blood circulation pressure and type 2 diabetes, which can boost your threat of CHD also. If you’re not sure if you need to lose weight, calculating your BMI can be a good starting point and help you work out whether you are at an appropriate weight for your height.

Check your waist circumference too as your body shape is also important. Carrying too much weight around our middle increases risk, even if your BMI is at the healthy range. With regards to getting the weight off, everyone quickly wants to lose weight, and there are several diets out appealing instantaneous results there.

  1. Don’t eat meals in front of the TV
  2. Silent fitness tracker & sleep tracker
  3. You have a support system in place to help you stay on track
  4. Identify what you’re feeling
  5. 12 – Sweet Spinach Green Smoothie [Tweet This]
  6. 1 teaspoon of lime juice
  7. Rapid Weight Loss After Pregnancy Is A Fallacy

But while they might work in the short term, more often than not they may be difficult to adhere to and so the weight quickly comes back on. Whenever choosing a diet consider some of these common diet myths and fads to help you place the types of crash diets that are best avoided.

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