LIKE THE MAJORITY OF Questions, It’s Fairly Nuanced

Like most questions, it’s fairly nuanced. It depends upon what you mean by “mediocre” vs. Also with what “low-ranked” and “high-ranked” means. Considering that we have over 2000 educational establishments in the national country, anything in the T100 is top 5% already. Obviously, most people wouldn’t consider University of X in the center of nowhere to be terribly esteemed, if they contemplate it a decent college even.

I’m uncertain what the worthiness of graduating at the top of your ROTC course is, but depending on what you mean by mediocre, there are absolutely times when it’s better to graduate as mediocre from a top school vs. In the event that you were looking at investment banking, I’d rather be considered a 3.0 college student at Cornell vs.

  • 4 years back from Uruguay
  • Next $25,000: 34% (average rate on $100k – 22.25%)
  • PA Parks & Forest Foundation To Showcase Photo Con
  • Have been sold under typical market conditions
  • Stock investments are more liquid; it is simpler to buy and sell on brief notice
  • Savings bonds
  • The total investment you are looking for from your sponsor and the return a sponsor can expect

IB (and related fields) students every year. I can network my way to avoid it of the 3.0 probably easier than I can network my way from a complete non-target. All else being equal, beyond super prestige heavy areas, it’s easier to have a higher GPA … Read more