How To Take A Screen Shot

Whether you’re trying to document the layout of a website, prove that you’ve completed a video game, or just want a desktop wallpaper, you can take a screenshot to keep or share with others. If you are you looking for more info regarding screenshot extension for chrome review the website. The first step is to launch a screenshot-taking application. Next, click through the up coming web site “Print Screen” to clear your screen of any unwelcome items. To save the screenshot, press Ctrl+Shift+Prt SC or Ctrl+Shift+F4 all at once.

To save a screenshot press the Print Screen key. This key is typically located at the upper right hand side of your main keyboard. You can also abbreviate it as “PrtSc”. To create a screenshot with your mouse, simply place it on the desired area and press the “Print” button. After clicking, you will see a grey background and an icon that turns into a cross.

Save your captured screenshots once you’ve taken them. Smartphones have an option to save the image via the Control Panel at the top right corner. You can also name the image file with the date and time of capture. Then, you’ll be able to find it more easily in your files. You can also organize your screenshots into folders. If you have multiple screenshots, you can save multiple versions.

You can choose the format for saving a screenshot. Both JPG and PNG are compatible with the screenshot app. This format is preferred because it … Read more