4 Maintenance Businesses You Can Start AT UNDER $10,000

Service businesses have always been a mainstay of the small business field. They are generally easy to create and most only require a little amount of experience in the industry to start. Many services businesses in reality are quite self-explanatory. They just require some typically common sense. So with that in mind here are 4 businesses that you can begin if you do some typically common sense and the drive to make a go of it.

1. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service: That is a business that can thrive in just about any town or city. Because where you have people you have both commercial and home properties that will need cleaning. Residential properties are always in need of someone that can clean furniture and carpets and rugs well. The youngsters and pets are always making chaos not forgetting what the adults can do to a living space.

Commercial properties are another great opportunity. They provide a smart business owner the chance to build up a normal clientele. You are able to set up a regular timetable for moving in and cleaning offices for companies instead of waiting for a phone call from them. Carpet and upholstery cleaning companies are popular always. And starting such a business does require focusing on how to use a carpet cleaner nevertheless, you can probably figure that part out for yourself.

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You would want to invest in some good cleaning equipment. But this business can be run out of a reliable van or vehicle with your workplace being in your house. After all you’ll be going to visit your visitors not the other way around. 2. Construction Cleanup: Unlike a normal cleanup business such as you for home or commercial properties this business targets cleaning up after a house has been recently built or remodeled. Every city has some form of new construction happening. And someone is always going to be needed to clean up the mess that is left behind. Well that is where you come in.

Being in the construction cleanup business means moving in after the structure crews are gone and making the area presentable to the new owners. Your business is approximately cleaning a place throughout. From the floors to the windows you will be removing any extra debris and making things shine. And getting paid a good buck to do it fairly.

So if you’re interested in making a location presentable then this is the business for you. 3. Handyman: Perhaps you have ever been informed that you will be handy around the house? If the answer is yes or you enjoy fixing things around your home just because you want to then maybe a handyman business is right for you.

There are people all over the globe that may be considered mechanically challenged. And there are numerous others that are just plain lazy. In any event this business can be an opportunity to do something you may enjoy and you can help other folks at the same time. What else would you ask for? It always feels good to lend a helping hands.

Especially when the other hands is collecting the paycheck for your services. So if you have a knack for fixing things around the house then this business might be considered a good fit for you. 4. Pool Cleaning Service: Ah life outside, sitting across the pool possessing a cold beer with friends. In the event that you operate a pool cleaning service then this is the full life you’ll be assisting others to lead. Because who would like to have a cold beer around a dirty pool? Seriously though the pool cleaning business is one which is always in demand.

Between the amount of houses that have pools in the back backyard as well as condo and apartment complexes not forgetting hotels and motels there are plenty of pools that need cleaning in just about every city. So finding work ought not to be that hard. You do need to have a good knowledge of how to clean a pool though.

Too much chlorine in a pool can really cause some havoc. And that means you shall need to educate yourself on proper pool maintenance. But once that is completed and you have a good working knowledge of cleaning pools you should be all set. There are many more maintenance businesses you could possibly start. These are just some of the possibilities that exist for someone that wants to be a business owner but may be considered a little cash strapped in the beginning. If you are serious about starting such a business though make sure you do your homework.