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Training With Brian

I’m going to dedicate this blog to giving my opinion on fitness as well as offering advice to all that want to pay attention. I don’t claim to be the all knowing expert in every areas of fitness, but I am going to research anything and give my informed opinion. I will let you know there’s a Large amount of misinformation out there.

There is good knowledge at every one’s finger tips in neuro-scientific health and fitness as well, but it is hard to weed through the junk. Most of the time it is not complete rubbish but something good that has been misinterpreted or stretched one way or another. Every where I look there’s a good article, book, movie or online video about health and fitness.

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So no one can inform me the resources aren’t there to be healthier. My best initial advice to anyone aiming to be healthier is merely that “be healthier”. Become aware in everyday living to find out how unhealthy you truly are and find out the steps to change it. Being aware is an essential requirement of living healthy.

To repair your wellbeing you got to know where the problem lies. You can’t take a car to a mechanic and expect them to fix it without informing them what’s incorrect. So don’t expect to fix your health without locating the issues inside your current lifestyle. Most already know their problem or can determine it out without much effort.

Using common sense in everyday situations is another important aspect of living well. Common sense tells us more activity is better than less. Eating healthy is good sense generally as well usually. If you think the bacon double double cheeseburger with a side of cheese fries is a healthy option because you drank a diet soda good sense might not be your strong suit. At that time it’s time to seek professional advice. Be Aware, Today Use Common Sense and Be Healthier!

The Software used in the Amazfit Stratos review is running the latest English international version and through the review, these devices has been up to date several times. When you can get a Chinese version of the watch and flash it with an English ROM, I’d not advocate it given that the international version is available.

Software working on the Stratos resembles Wear OS, however, the watch runs on its own proprietary software platform, which allows one to change watch faces plus some of the configurations, but it isn’t as customisable as an Apple Watch. If you are looking to alter the software configurations of the appearance of the watch then this may not do the job.

Using the program on the Stratos has been an okay experience, but it can have some rough edges. The Stratos facilitates smart notifications, but unlike the Apple Watch, you can answer them. Personally, I don’t use smart notifications due to that fact on most watches you can repond to them and reponding to them is merely hassle and you might aswell pull your smartphone out.