Can Anything Good Come From Cancer? 1

Can Anything Good Come From Cancer?

I’ve pointed out that some of the most thankful people I know are also those who have experienced some hard circumstances. Obviously there are others who’ve changed upset and bitter with difficulties, but I wish to be one of those who use studies to make me more Christ-like. Yes. Ed is feeling well.

We are so thankful that he has the energy to work and enjoy life. Week every month drags him down, and he could be more tired for another week His chemo, but it could be so much worse. But I’m also more peaceful when I’m discouraged. Some people write through all sorts of emotions, but I don’t feel like writing when I’m down.

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It is humbling to confess that immediately after I composed about trusting our Father, I was hit with the largest test of my beliefs yet. Despite having Ed feeling so well, it is hard not to get worried that Ed’s next MRI will see his tumor growing. Some days I experienced like each hour I had formed to draw my mind out of a be concerned rut and back again to the road of trust. A few weeks ago a sermon was noticed by me on thankfulness. I challenged myself to create a summary of good things that have result from this journey with cancer.

Here are a few notes that I jotted down that day. Can Anything Good RESULT FROM Cancer? 1. I am reminded that I am not self-sufficient. I can’t survive without God. I could feel confident and capable- until I’m completely helpless with circumstances beyond my control. 2. I came across that God abundantly does provide.

All my needs are fulfilled by His hands. We say that God’s grace is sufficient, but it is only while I was tested with something that was beyond my power that I came across that truly His grace is available exactly when I want it. 3. I experienced the care of other believers through their prayers, presents, and encouragement. I can’t begin to explain what this means to be surrounded by the strength of others’ prayers.

4. Every day I used to be motivated to value. Each day for granted No longer did I take. Without cancer I’d not be thanking God for Ed’s good health this month; I would just expect it. 5. Relationships became more valuable. Many things do not appear important while others become far more valuable. I realize just how many of my frustrations are just earthly short-term things that don’t really matter.