What Is This Facial Serum? 1

What Is This Facial Serum?

Taking treatment of your skin hasn’t been more important than it is today. Daily exposure to toxins, chemicals, and pollutants have an effect on the skin we have. So it is important to protect your skin from harmful environments. Facial serum is a must have thing for your daily skin care regimen nowadays. What’s this cosmetic serum?

What is it different from creams and lotions? What’s this cosmetic serum? Facial serum is a light and fast absorbing liquid that has a high focus of active ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, nourishing agents, anti-aging ingredients, and skin brighteners. It doesn’t have thicker and heavier elements those are you can see on the lotions and creams; which acts like a barrier on your skin.

And the serums absorb faster than lotions. I wanted a serum for completion even. It was difficult to choose the right serum because of two reasons; high prices of the serums and harsh artificial chemicals in it, such as mineral or petrolatum natural oils. I can use my homemade facial serum. Few drops of organic facial serum have the concentrated efficient power to treat and hydrate your skin.

Serum should always be employed before moisturizer to allow maximum absorption. This wonderful balancing and rejuvenating blend are ideal for all pores and skin types. The day because it has citrus oil in it Do not apply this serum during. You may know that already, citrus oils become phototoxic. Pour your carrier essential oil in the dark color container and then add the essential oils. Shake or roll the bottle for 2-3 minutes. Let the serum sit for 24 hours for the natural oils to combine well. Wash your face before applying the serum. Apply pea-sized amount of serum over your clean face and neck evenly. Massage upwards using your fingertips to totally absorb Lightly.

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To keep carefully the quality of the essential oil blend, store the serum bottle in a cool dark place. High anti-oxidant levels of the oils will keep the shelf life of serum longer. Oils can generally be stored for to 6 months up. If the serum starts to smell bad, it’s gone rancid and discards.

Make a little amount of serum each time to avoid spending. How to personalize your own homemade face serum? Organic cosmetic serum consists with two types of natural oils. You can find carrier oils and essential oils. The carrier can be changed by you natural oils for your skin-layer type and natural essential oils for your targeted treatment. Don’t overlook the correct dilution of your essential oils to avoid burning of your skin layer. I hope to write a post about carrier oils later.