Switching To NATURAL BASIC PRODUCTS: Non-Toxic Sunscreen (Plus, SPF Lip Balm And Tinted Moisturizer) 1

Switching To NATURAL BASIC PRODUCTS: Non-Toxic Sunscreen (Plus, SPF Lip Balm And Tinted Moisturizer)

This post may contain affiliate links. Affiliate links come at no extra cost to you. These links let me share the products I authentically recommend (and use) and support Live By just receiving a small commission. Month we discuss making the switch to non-toxic products Each. The goal of this series is to take things slow, making one change at a time. So far, we’ve discussed non-toxic options for dish and dishwasher soap, toothpaste, and deodorant.

I’ve also discussed my natural skincare routine. Of these chats, I’ve distributed my favorite products (both homemade and store-bought). If you don’t want to hold back to get more chats, you can also pick up my digital resource, Natural Body Care Simplified. I’ve included printable product lists by the end of every section (makeup, face essentials, body) to help you find non-toxic products from head to toe.

  • Insect bite allergy
  • Transparent eyes and emotions are extremely important
  • High-density coats (thick locks or undercoats)
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  • Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm
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Today, let’s talk about a swap that is suitable for the summer: sunscreen. While I take advantage of a cosmetic sunscreen oil year-round, I typically grab full-on body coverage during the springtime and summertime for myself and the kids. We spend a complete lot of amount of time in the sunlight over the summer months, so extra protection is crucial. Along with sunscreen, we wear hats also.

Side be aware: Target has some really adorable summer months hats right now. There are a number of regarding substances in sunscreen products. The concern isn’t chemicals (remember, everything is a chemical); rather, it’s the effect of particular chemicals may have on the body (i.e. hormone disruption). The Environmental Working Group had written an interesting article about these chemicals.

I recommend reading it over here. The products on today’s list are the best sunscreen options. These are the products I’ve purchased with my own money and attempted by myself family. I don’t write sponsored brand content, partner with brands to promote a particular product, or take free samples.

I’ve included the EWG rating for every brand/product. 1 is definitely the best rating for a product, and the rating increases from there predicated on the regarding elements in something. You can search how well your sunscreen scores by using this link (use the search bar “seek out your sunscreen”).

A quick be aware about using non-toxic sunscreen options. Most mineral-based sunscreen products start off very white on your skin, so it’s easy to tell when you need to use more. This is only true with traditional sunscreen, not tinted moisturizers, cosmetic products, or tinted lip balms. I’ve also discovered that the majority of these mineral-based products have to be applied a few times during the day, especially if you’re swimming. This recipe was shared on Live Simply a few years ago. Over the full years, many readers have made the recipe and loved it. Some people also have portrayed concern about making your own sunscreen at home.

I get that. There are a ton of great products available today, so you don’t have to make your own. Currently (as of 2019), this is my favorite sunscreen. It works well (no sunburns, although I would recommend reapplying during the day) and doesn’t leave us looking like spirits while at the beach or recreation area. Plus, it’s easy to find for the most part health food stores and Whole Foods, or on Amazon.