How To Remove Windows 7 And Do A Fresh Install

By default, Windows 7 provides you some easy options for performing a full reinstall of the operating system, should a need is had by you to remove the Home window’s 7 set up and begin fresh. Before learning how to do a clean install of Windows 7, it is vital that you backup your files and data, because a clean install will clean your hard drive.

After the Windows 7 fresh install completes, your personal computer will be just like it was when your first got it. Once you’ve learned how to eliminate Windows 7, you can go and reinstall ahead, or install another operating system. There will vary methods which you can use to backup your Windows 7 data and documents. One method may be more efficient than another, depending about how you want to backup your computer data, and just how many files you are backing up.

Copy your important data files and data to an external hard drive. Copy your data files to a USB flash drive. Burn your data files to a CD or DVD (suggested for low amounts of files and data). Use an online backup program to backup your Windows 7 data and data files. Make use of a specialty Windows 7 backup software such as Acronis. Generally, support up the data and documents on your present Home windows 7 install is a pretty simple process. To begin with, locate your Windows 7 operating-system install disc. In the event that you purchased a retail duplicate of Windows 7, this would be the separate Windows 7 disc that you bought.

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It should either be an upgrade disc or a full version disc. If for just about any justification you don’t have a Windows 7 disk, you can understand how to burn Windows 7 to DVD. Ensure that your PC is powered on and you are logged into Windows. Exit and save any programs that are open up, and make sure that nothing at all is operating. After you have done so, insert your Windows 7 operating-system disc into the computer’s CD/DVD drive, or insert your Windows 7 USB flash drive into an available USB slot. Computer and start the install disk or display drive from there. That’s all there is for part 1 of our series.

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