How To Verify Your Facebook Page, DETAIL BY DETAIL

Have you been questioning ways to get that little blue check mark on your Facebook accounts? You know, that check mark that shows all of your supporters that you’re someone with enough status for Facebook to confirm it? Verifying your Facebook Page and making that tiny symbol next to your business’s name makes you more recognized and credible. It seems sensible that a lot of businesses want to earn that Facebook verification for themselves. In this article, we’re going to look at how to verify your Facebook Page and your Facebook profile, and anything that the verification process entails.

Why Verify Your Page or Profile? We put lots of time and effort into creating interpersonal proof on all our accounts, including Facebook, because it’s a quick indication to other users of our business is important and established enough to earn it. Those verification checkmarks do a similar thing exactly.

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When users start to see the check tag, they know that they’re actually taking a look at your business’s (or your) real page; it’s not an imposter and not a fan page. They know they can mean you for customer support, and it helps show that you’re taking your social media marketing and customer associations significantly.

Another really big reward: having that confirmation will help your Page or account rank higher in both Facebook’s and Google’s search engine. What’s the Difference Between Gray and Blue Checkmarks on Facebook? You can find two different colored checkmarks that appear next to Pages and profiles on Facebook. The blue checkmark indicates the confirmed authenticity of Pages, public figures, and brands.

It implies that this is actually the official take into account a brand name, business, or person. Both Pages and personal information can get this type of verification. The gray checkmarks, on the other hand, indicate a confirmed location for a particular business. While that one isn’t quite as difficult to obtain or as recognizable, it can benefit your business gain some trustworthiness on Facebook still, which really is a good thing always.

If your business belongs to a huge chain, franchise, or company, the main accounts run by corporate’s marketing team would be the one with the blue check tag, and all individual local locations could earn the gray checkmark. An excellent example because of this is pictured above for the Bed Bath & Beyond Pages.

Can Anyone Get Verified on Facebook? Theoretically, yes. In reality… type of. Only some types of Pages can be verified. Using a physical location helps a good deal since the very badge is location-based and much simpler to obtain than the blue badge. Local Business, Organizations, Companies, and Public Figures are Page types that can buy Facebook verification. Obtaining Facebook verification for an individual profile is harder significantly, and in order to do so, you must have a huge number of friends on your accounts and meet other requirements.

Before you begin the process of confirmation, you’ll want to make sure your Page is in top form. Facebook doesn’t have a stringent set of requirements but ensuring your Page looks great-and credible-will go a long way when Facebook is researching your request. It’s also important to notice that only certain types of Pages can become verified.

This includes Public Figures, Local Businesses, Companies, and Organizations. To confirm your Facebook Page, start at the real Page. Head to your Page’s configurations, and go to “General then.” Here, you’ll start to see the option for “Page Verification” if you are capable of making your Page verified. You’ll then have the choice for “instant” verification, or for a far more lengthy confirmation process.