Is That COULD Am?

Now I don’t normally read Nora Roberts, but once in a while Personally I think like reading a love without it being truly a formulaic Harlequin love. THEREFORE I like reading Nora Roberts. I especially like reading her trilogies and series. They involve some continuity to them always. Until recently, the only group of Nora Roberts I’ve read will be the Sign of the Seven series and The Key series. Two days ago I found 3 out of 4 books in the Bridal Quartet series from my local library. The 4th publication is on reserve at the collection.

But I have read enough and know enough about the personas to know who fits up with whom – especially since all the character types (men and women) are part of all stories. In Greenwich Connecticut there’s a business called VOWS – a meeting management company specializing in weddings.

There are 4 women in this business – all business partners. Each woman has their own skills and knowledge that they bring to the business. VOWS offers a complete service wedding including the venue, the reception, and the dancing – all in one place. Parker Brown is the Administrator. She operates the administrative aspect, manages all the minutae, and soothe the ruffled feathers of the clients. She arranges the limo, books the relationship celebrant, does the books, and times everything because of the minute. She’s brown hair. Mackenzie Elliot is the Photographer.

She will take all the photos and makes up the wedding record following the wedding has ended. She’s red locks and green eye. Emma Grant is the Florist. She does all the bloom arrangements, the managers and bouquets for all the floral-related requests – right down to the precise colors. She has dark hair.

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Laurel MacBane is the Chef. She is a fully experienced, Parisian-trained Pastry Chef. She makes the marriage cakes and all the other desserts, the more d’ouevres, the finger foods, the buffet meals and whatever else the client wants in the form of food. She’s blonde hair. All book cover a few months – and altogether they cover a complete 12 months – from January to December in a single calendar year. In that 12 months, each one of the 4 girls finds their soulmate and becomes engaged. Vision in White – Mackenzie Elliot – January to March – The Photographer with the Teacher.

These girls are family – they have been best friends given that they were in a quality school. They have been playing pretend weddings given that they were 8 years of age. Mac doesn’t have confidence in marriage on an individual level. Her parents divorced when she was 4 and they have both been wedded many times since. Her mother (Linda) grew up to be the center of her world and cannot appear to cope without a man in her life. When she does not have a man she expects Mackenzie to look after her and pay her some attention and pay all her bills as well – such as a mother or father would just. Ever week Linda has a different man on her behalf arm.

She (Linda) gets very upset when a man tell her she is being selfish and considering only of herself and not of other people. Everytime a guy walks from Linda away, she has a breakdown and needs Mackenzie to focus on her. Some emotional abuse Definitely. When Mackenzie meets Carter MacGuire, they click.

Well, actually he clicks with her because he has already established a crush on her behalf since senior high school and that was more than a decade earlier. Mackenzie discovers to say NO to Linda Slowly, to rely upon Carter and also to accept that that fluttering feeling in her center holds true love. Jack’s parents divorced when he was a kid.