Everyone who’s a vintage movie fan knows the tragic story of Judy Garland. She was one of the very most gifted entertainers of all-time, but she actually is one of the very most tragic also. Many people have no idea the story plot of Garland’s sisters as well. From 1924 to about 1934 the trio of young ladies toured as the Gumm Sisters and then The Garland Sisters. In 1928, the Gumm Sisters enrolled in a dance college run by Ethel Meglin, proprietress of the Meglin Kiddies dance troupe.

They made an appearance with the troupe at its annual Christmas show. Through the Meglin Kiddies, they made their film debut in a 1929 brief subject called THE BEST Revue, where they performed a song-and-dance amount called “That is the good old sunlit south”. 12 months This was followed by performances in two Vitaphone shorts the following, A Holiday in Storyland (featuring Garland’s first on-screen single) and The Wedding of Jack and Jill.

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They next made an appearance together in Bubbles. Their last on-screen appearance emerged in 1935, in another short entitled La Fiesta de Santa Barbara. In 1934, the trio, who at that time have been touring the vaudeville circuit as “The Gumm Sisters” for many years, performed in Chicago at the Oriental Theater with George Jessel.

He motivated the group to choose a far more attractive name after “Gumm” was met with laughter from the audience. According to theatrical legend, their act was once erroneously billed at a Chicago theater as “The Glum Sisters”. However that didn’t matter because when young Judy’s superstar rose, the sisters faded into the comparative background.

Mary Jane Gumm (1915-1964) was the oldest girl of vaudevillians Frank and Ethel Gumm and future old sister of the celebrity Judy Garland. She was raised in Grand Rapids and, along with her youthful sister Virginia ‘Jimmie’, performed a dancing action at their father’s vaudeville theater known as The Gumm Sisters, while their mother performed the piano. The sisters got tremendous skill, although they were nothing compared to their younger sister Baby Frances, the near-future Judy Garland. Their mom continuously kept trying with all three of her daughters and after moving from their home in Minnesota in 1927 when Mary Jane was 12, they started to visit for auditions in shows and bigger more famous nightclubs.

The other Gumm Sister was Virginia Gumm. On July 4 She was created, 1917 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA as Dorothy Virginia Gumm. She was a celebrity, known for La Fiesta de Santa Barbara (1935), The Wedding of Jack and Jill (1940) and The Harvey Girls (1946). She was wedded to Johnny Thompson and Bobby Sherwood.

She died on, may 27, 1977 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Virginia had a child, Judy Gail “Judaline,” with her hubby, musician Bobby Sherwood. Judaline means “little Judy” in Jewish and was originally the endearing nickname given to Judy Garland by one of her directors when she was a kid. Judaline loved the name a lot, she acquired it made legal when she grew up. She was created in May 1938 and was named after her aunt, actress Judy Garland.

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