PERHAPS YOU HAVE Visited The 40/20 Circuit At RevvFitness Yet?

Pure overlook – someone was requesting about testimonials, and I had not put mine in yet! 2 yrs ago, I went from 11 pullups to 20 in three weeks of dealing with Phazes just. It helps to truly have a trainer that works with you on both form and intensity if you are targeting fitness goals. More recently, credited to a pair of arm-wrestling wins that I loved for a brief minute, I injured my elbows.

I’m still feeling it, almost 8 months later. Nice victory lap. Now that time and deep-tissue ligamentary healing are well underway, I’m needs to build-up my chest muscles strength. Inside a fortnight, I’m back again to 25 dips and climbing, having started at just 10-12. Elbows feel great! I have been working on developing the Phazes Circuit program for quite some time. Fine tuning and tweaking a fitness program that is convenient, effective, and safe for anyone at any fitness level. I’ve tried EVERYTHING under sunlight, Crossfit, Curves, Insanity, P90X all the workout videos imaginable, every fitness class I possibly could get into, fitness trainers and a variety of bootcamp-style training.

I worked well in a fitness-center setting as an organization fitness instructor and a personal trainer. In every of these configurations, I was not completely sold on any program. I studied for a long time before I settled on what needed to be done to resolve all the issues I had fashioned with so a great many other programs.

  • Accepting and respecting the diversity of body forms and sizes
  • Swap your normal rice or pasta part dish for a multi-colored salad
  • Iceberg Lettuce – .1 grams per 1/2 cup
  • Eat More Fiber and TOP QUALITY Carbs
  • Avoiding alcoholic beverages
  • A great deal of flatulence (blowing wind)
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Sle)

Some Programs were great at pressing at High strength but lacked a place to start for REAL newbies. Some were competitive and created a host that belittling others too, Some were ideal for beginners but acquired no place to grow to as you achieved more. Some were just inconvenient. Perhaps you have visited the 40/20 circuit at RevvFitness yet? We’ve been having some fun over at the NEW RevvFitness studio at 75 North 200 West in Hurricane Utah.

We now have a lovely new room focused on the Phazes 40/20 circuit program! Come see what we have been up to! We’ve added 4 more weeks, making this program a 12-week program instead of 8. A couple of new exercises and a complete new look arriving your way! If you’re local – go take a look! NEW VIDEOS and a training program coming soon!

As was announced last summer, Michelle Ennis sold the studio in Hurricane to Nikki Revis. To clarify a couple of things, Michelle still has the name Phazes Fitness. Nikki owned the studio and had the to change the name of the studio while Michelle retained the to continue developing the Phazes fitness circuit program. I am hoping, which makes sense. Phazes Fitness will have it’s main focus on the Phazes 40/20 12-week change online and in studio room workout programs. That is a fitness program that fitness trainers and studios (Like RevvFitness) will offer to advantage their clients and get financial benefit from. It also will be accessible for individuals worldwide to do at home online. To find out more on this, just keep watching this page or visit RevvFitness Studio to look at the program in person.

She lives in London with spouse Paul and their boy Kaylen, three. Shannon Dixon, 43, works as a healthcare assistant. She lives in London with spouse Paul and their kid Kaylen, three. I’ve always needed children but was told I couldn’t keep these things credited to my weight. Paul and I attempted and failed so many times: Within the last five years we spent around £30,000 on IVF and we’ve lost nine pregnancies altogether, each one as damaging as another.