This Is The Bridge Design Pattern

Bridge Design Pattern belongs to the Structural Design Patterns category. You will not understand this at once. But after carefully scanning this lesson you’ll get a good understanding. As usual I’ll take our Vehicle interface to clarify this pattern. Assume that you have a user interface called Vehicle which consists of createVehicle () method. Think that you must have four types of vehicles. Those are Black Car, White Car, Motorbike, and White Motorbike Back.

So you will simply create below four classes which implements Vehicle user interface. You see that is not the best design. For an example your paintInBlack () and paintInWhite () methods are duplicated. This design becomes more complex and less maintainable when the number of execution classes are higher. In this type or kind of situations Bridge Design comes to your help.

In Bridge Pattern what you do is create another interface (Painter) which does the painting job and then create another hierarchy of classes that implements this interface. Then you keep a reference to the Painter user interface in Vehicle interface. You now have two class hierarchies which implement separate two interfaces. Having a mention of the Painter interface in Vehicle interface is the bridge between these two hierarchies. This is actually the Bridge Design Pattern. With this pattern, your interfaces and execution classes will below be as.

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My apps. You can install all previously purchased applications from there. Alternatively, a local backup could be faster to revive, and wouldn’t waste bandwidth either. And it’s also fairly easy to do. Download ES File Explorer. Swipe the display to the to uncover the Homepage of ES File Explorer. Tap APP which is under a blue Android robot icon on the top-right.

Tap and keep any application until you see a check mark on its icon. Now touch the tick-mark icon on the top-right, the one in the package with a dotted body. This will choose all apps. Tap Backup that’s on underneath row. This will save a duplicate of the app data files of all your apps.

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To view which all data files have been preserved, tap User apps at the top. From the pop-up, select Backed-up Apps. Tap any app’s a document here to set up that app without Internet. To save a copy of these files to your computer, connect your Android phone to a PC via USB. The phone will show up in My Computer like a pen drive.

Copy all the app files here. By following these steps, you’re able to save a duplicate of all of your contacts, text messages, media, apps, Wi-Fi passwords, and your app data. Obviously, doing everything one at a time is just a little cumbersome, and the ultimate way to regress to something easier your phone is by using a third party backup tool.

We’ve used Titanium Backup which is excellent but it requires root access on your Android phone, which is something typically expected from more advanced users. Even its interface is too clunky for most average people. Helium is a great app for those who haven’t rooted their phones. It has a nice user interface too, but it only works together with select Android mobile phones from some international manufacturers. If a telephone was bought by you from Micromax, Karbonn, Lava, or countless other brands, you won’t have the ability to use Helium. Further, using Helium requires one to install motorists for the telephone on your PC as well.

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