The Musings Of A Makeup Enthusiast 1

The Musings Of A Makeup Enthusiast

Above: Troy and Gabriella, singing their hearts out, which suits because the melody is our first post title. Hello, dear reader. Wow! Didn’t see you there! So that was my attempt to be funny by displaying my readers how much I battled to discover a way to begin this post. Pretty cheesy, I know, but I am nervous to begin to share my life with you quite, wonderful visitors! God knows how you’ve found my little blog, with the millions of trillions of sites there are on the internet.

Maybe it was Instagram, or Twitter, or maybe you noticed from my profile that I am a fan of White Chicks (that movie is the bombbbb digits) and wanted to check me out! Wait, I just tried to abbreviate that and realized it comes out as “MAME”. So maybe I’ll just keep to saying the full name for the present time, eh?

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Now, sorry, I’ll continue. I am very happy that you did so and I’d like to bring in myself as Gee. Twitter and Instagram, if you would like to find me and follow me there, just do it! Yes, so I am Gee and I am an intense makeup aficionado.

Notice the stark contrast between enthusiast and expert. I am by no means a makeup artist. I would like to be, don’t get me wrong, but my smokey might make you want to coke. However, if you people want to see some of my looks, that is something I can show you definitely. And critiques from professionals among you (or people who just so happen to be a bit better than me) can really be helpful to my learning curve!

I will not be showing you my face, or appears on me, but on my family and friends who volunteer to be my little angels models! It is because I dream of 1 day freelancing so it is important if you ask me that I focus on applying makeup to others. It is also because, for the sake of my privacy, I would rather remain anonymous.

My face isn’t much of a pretty view anyway. I will be looking at products on this blog definitely, my favorites or simply my devastation products perhaps, that you can check out when considering buying something. I read reviews online before I buy anything always, it’s a great habit so you can get into buying products that won’t let you down! I will be attempting to show you bits of my everyday life also, maybe talking about my favorite bands or the struggles of being a makeup enthusiast (like my bare wallet, ouch). It could be anything. It will likely be a crazy ride, and I’m going to try my far better post daily for you men.

Guest blogging appears like such a great idea too, I would like to guest blog or have bloggers join me here and just make some friends! I want to know in the comments (if anyone ever reads this) what you think I will talk about, or possibly just say hi? I have no idea. Please, if you’ve loved my ramblings, strike subscribe. It could mean the world if you ask me and I’d probably jump up and down on my bed screaming.

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