Games-After Pan Am Games Slam Dunk, 3×3 Basketball Looks Towards..

LIMA, July 29 (Reuters) – Leading web page of FIBA’s website offers a little teaser about its latest project: “From the roads to the Olympics” says basketball’s world governing body in a pitch for the 3×3 version of the overall game. If the excited holiday group packed into the quaint Coliseo Eduardo Dibos on Monday was any indication, the three-a-side version of hoops, performed on the half-court, is actually a Tokyo Olympic strike.

Despite having no basketball pedigree and little contact with the sport beyond NBA showcase packages, Peruvians appeared genuinely fascinated by the 3×3 version where the winner is the first team to 21 points, or following the 10-minute legislation period forward. Not a lot of people know about three-on-three; I just learned about it 2 yrs but I think it’s growing,” said Christyn Williams, who contributed five points to the U.S. win. “Winning gold will make an enormous impact. Since I started playing it is continuing to grow a lot therefore i think us playing in it and showing it to the U.S.

But like other things, social media as well has two sides. It could either be a very progressive power to improve something or it can be used to spread regressive beliefs and also to bully. This issue becomes more susceptible when women appear on the horizon. Cultural women’s and mass media privileges are interconnected to some extent.

Social mass media can engage ladies in economic and politics life, and invite them to increase their self-expression thus promoting public change. But it can damage the true image of women as well. Have you ever thought that ads, for instance, and images or videos that go viral through interpersonal press can be harmful to women? That may definitely impact their self-esteem. Well, I discuss those that contain some women issues and expose inequality. For example, advertisements that depict ladies in your kitchen only.

On internet sites, this sort of culture or approval will go public through likes or shares. This kind of an affirmation keeps such behavior and culture going. Sexists comments about women are among top issues through internet sites. They call women brands or discuss their appearance. What’s really unreasonable concerning this is that the issue can get a huge selection of wants or stocks.

Besides, studies targeting online harassment have stated that hate speeches are directed at women mostly. In general, these are designed to bully women. The nature of the remarks when trolls attack is kind of harassing also. They may be sexist and targeted especially at a lady gender deeply. In the 21st-century Even, women face hard times around the world.

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They tend to be deprived of the opportunity to express themselves in public debates. Their thoughts and ideas can be perceived wrongly. Politics is something forbidden for females. Anyway one of the most powerful tools of the digital age can still work and only women. As I’ve already mentioned social media plays a very important role in our daily life. It can help with shaping views.

So, it can be not only dangerous but helpful as well in terms of women’s rights. Sounds sarcastic but to the point still. UN Women has been promoting the use social media, as a powerful tool to advocate for the elimination of violence against women and promote gender equality. Feminists and other women’s rights activists have been quick to understand this importance.

Due to their efforts lately, cultural mass media has more specifically used its prospect of sketching focus on women’s issues and empowerment. This is how a phenomenon called hashtag activism and other online campaigns have appeared. So what’s their main aim? In an extended run, the main goal of hashtag activism and online campaigns is to increase awareness of any presssing issue. This may lead to uplifting action concerning those presssing issues. Twitter has shared a statistics.