September Spotlight: Tom Campanaro & GRAVITY A COMPLETE Gym Studio 1

September Spotlight: Tom Campanaro & GRAVITY A COMPLETE Gym Studio

This month we have a different method of our studio limelight and focus on a genuine pioneer in the fitness industry and his undertake a unique fitness studio idea sweeping the nation. The studios are 1800-2500 square feet, including dedicated space for both classes and fitness. Sessions is a right time-efficient 45-55 minutes, for maximum impact in minimal time.

With the advent of the first GRAVITY® franchise fitness model, Total Fitness center is lending its experience and knowledge to help passionate, fitness-minded business owners reach their full potential. Continue reading to learn how you can utilize the sources of this exciting new fitness franchise. Tell our readers a bit about your background. You’ve got an amazing journey quite.

As a former football player and competitive bodybuilder, I always had a profound desire for fitness and exercise. I moved to California in 1974, toward the finish of the bodybuilding era and fell in love the very first time I saw the idea for the full total GYM. I had been enthralled by how a minor change in body and incline position could have an effect on such fantastic results. When we developed the full total Gym incline bodyweight trainer first, we knew a transformation was underway in how people considered fitness. This paradigm shift toward FUNCTIONAL BODYWEIGHT exercise took THE FULL TOTAL Gym into 14,000 clinics, sports, and professional training rooms across the globe over another twenty years.

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In 1996, we launched into the mass market with infomercial advertising. THE FULL TOTAL Gym infomercials featuring Christy Brinkley and my longtime friend Chuck Norris remain the longest jogging and most successful fitness infomercial to day. Now with the release of the first GRAVITY® franchise fitness model, Total Gym is lending its experience and expertise to help passionate, fitness-minded entrepreneurs reach their full potential! Why do you choose to create the GRAVITY System and subsequent GRAVITY studios?

In 2003, GRAVITYSystem® launched offering a new business program for health clubs and rehabilitation facilities. The GRAVITYSystem, a combined group training program with educational certificate and ongoing support, utilized a new methodology that was unique to Total Gym equipment. Through GRAVITYSystem, we discovered that our value proposition was highest in an individual training environment and we made a decision to start GRAVITY studios as a cross types of all of our programs. Supplying a unique and smart approach to studio fitness that combines the pioneering components of useful training, superior equipment, and trainer education, GRAVITY Studio franchises have the innovative exercise training protocols in the fitness industry.

We never want to only expand our brand, but lend our knowledge to others in the field. Using the launch of GRAVITY Studios, we get to use other passionate fitness business owners and help them to understand their dreams. Have there been any bumps in the street? Assuming so, can you talk about a few and exactly how you overcame those obstructions?

The GRAVITY Training idea premiered in medical club market in 2003, and to say it has been a gradual up-take is an understatement! However, after training more than 6000 trainers and certifying them in GRAVITY Training, we saw that the product was popular and profitable in privately top quality fitness studios.