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The Grumpy Economist

The tax debate is moving to personal taxes, and the world is waiting to hear the actual Republican proposal, due tomorrow (Thursday). Start with the blue line. 100,000. Suppose the government desires fifty percent of it. One method to get that is with a set tax — for each dollar you earn, send 50 cents to the nationwide authorities.

Now consider the red series. 50,000 of income, so people who make less have to pay a smaller share of their income in taxes, and charge a 100% taxes rate on the rest. Initially, this taxes system increases the same sum of money. The hole can be seen by you in the debate. 50,000 at 100%, you will not bother working the second 20 hours, and the national Federal government are certain to get no revenue. 100,000 jobs, or they don’t start businesses.

The recipients can use the cards to purchase the company’s products. They’re well suited for any kind of business such as publication stores, restaurants, retail stores, and even food markets. Business owners can also provide them with out to customers predicated on the amount of revenue that is produced from that person.

Plastic membership cards are an excellent way to market your new book conversation group, business, soccer association or club. A card provider can assist you customize your cards so that they reflect your style and taste. If you create beautiful plastic membership cards, your recipients shall treasure them for years to come. The credit card ‘s been around for decades, and they’re available for a variety of personal or business uses. The bottom line is that they can leave your visitors, prospective employees and other business connections with an excellent impression of your business so they are worth paying for.

What is the impact of an open license on a sustainable business model? David Wiley: two different ways: open licenses completely allow everything we do, because the licenses create the fracture that facilitates everything we do. Gary: David is sport on. But the impact is any license will limit the range of business models that are possible. So a business model limited by an open license means not restricting usage of the machine to people who have buying power.

And if usage is not limited, it opens up other models – by offering services then, by selling supplementary materials such as advertising, etc. You will need to build the business model first, then craft the license. Lisa: our business model depends upon having teachers and institutions, etc., to actually work with on these tasks.

  • The capital is limited to the owner’s capital or what he/she can generate
  • A debt collector cannot use profane or threatening language
  • Monday Matters (eBook)
  • What have you done
  • Economics 101
  • 30 hours media coverage
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

The license acts as a conduit to attempt. Because with no license we wouldn’t have the users. As nice as it is to have big Federal government initiatives, the majority of people have created their own kind of license that meets their needs actually. That is why we’ve created this mapping into four buckets.

One is a free-for-all, another is a remix-and-share, another is share, and another is read-the-fine-print. David Harris: I agree, you need a common group of licenses so you have a common vocabulary. Gary’s system would create a proliferation of licenses, you meet business needs, but not learning needs. CC-by licenses, because you lose control.

But these concerns were misplaced. I have seen very little profiteering from it. And on the positive side we’ve 30 ecosystem companions. It could be called an open up license, I call it a creativity license. Gary: yes, there would be a lot of versions. However the question is, how it impacts sustainability. If there are limited numbers of license, there are limited ways to make sustainability. That’s what we’re doing.