Arkansas Older Blind Project 1

Arkansas Older Blind Project

Now for my depressing news of the day. One measure of whether or not you will be ready to retire is the amount you have kept as a multiple of your earnings. According to Fidelity Investments, you should have saved at least eight times your pre-retirement income by age 67 to ensure a secure pension. If you want to retire earlier than that, you should shoot for more probably.

The remaining band now joins the drummer and the tune is racing furiously to the end. It’s a power influx sweeping everything in its route. The trance is controlled by a pulsating, driving organ line. The melody is building a crescendo closing. We look around but we don’t see the sacrifice. A hooded physique appears next to us Suddenly. It can’t be the Executioner. He usually doesn’t come to the alter until the sacrifice is ready.

He is tugging his hood back. Look, it’s Ben Bernanke! What is he going regarding that axe? The song stops Suddenly. The sacrifice isn’t even here yet! But we are. The soul of any country is its money. The currency carries powerful images of respectable market leaders and landmarks specific to each country.

The citizens’ identity is within their currency. It is what makes them unique. It really is their pride. Yet, we stand at the alter of soul sacrifice and passively watch as our siblings are dismembered off their currency by central banking institutions. Countries have been taken to the alter one at a right time. Iceland, Greece, and Ireland have taken their turn. Next will be Italy or Portugal or Spain.

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The US was already sacrificed. The banker elite now rejoice in their riches while the populous scrambles for life. The government elite that guard the banker elite now ask their ruler for assurances of riches albeit on a smaller scale. The banker elite make the guidelines to assist their protectors now.

They imposed the ‘Patriot Act’ that was created from a false flag event to subvert the law of the land so they could easier intimidate and control the populous. They initiated numerous bailouts and stimulus expenses that aided only the banker elite. And today the Federal Reserve is dictating economic policy from a posture of currency control. And that currency, along with the nation’s soul, has been sacrificed for the good of the elite banker.

The banker elite does fine. Ordinary people – not so much. What do we do now? Our siblings are protesting and rioting across the global world in protest of the new world order. Americans are for the most part too dumb to even spell ‘protest’ much less realize that the nation of their professed patriotism has sacrificed them in a ceremonial surrender of power. At least the Europeans realize they have been positioned on the alter.