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Where are the folders in Gmail? Are labels the same as folders? How are both different from categories? You might have questions like these about the net version of Gmail, if you’re not used to it. To help you get acquainted with Gmail, we’ll give you the gist of all essential Gmail features you should certainly know about. You understand this as an email thread.

Conversation View packs an email and all replies to it into a single view to make sure that you get the framework when you’re reading any of the messages. Each message in the group gets its collapsible section. General. There, under the Conversation View section, choose the radio button for Conversation view on. They are visible cues that focus on emails Google thinks might be important to you.

How does Gmail decide which emails you’re more likely to consider important? It depends on the way you process email. Gmail will pay focus on which emails you open up and answer, which ones you archive or delete, which contacts you talk to, and so forth. When Gmail mistypes an email as important, you can correct it by simply clicking the marker to disable it. Likewise, you can enable a marker for an email that you take into account important but Gmail has donen’t mark therefore. In both full cases, Gmail learns from your activities to improve its accuracy.

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As its name suggests, Undo Send enables you to pull back an email you’ve hit Send on. Gmail allows the feature by default, and immediately after you send an email, you’ll start to see the Undo option right below the search box. Labels will be the signature Gmail feature. They’re text-based, color-coded identifiers to support you in finding the right emails faster. The items the truth is in the sidebar like Inbox, Trash, and Drafts are actually brands that Gmail has set up for you already.

Labels behave somewhat like folders and relatively like tags. Better off thinking about them as tags though You’re. Read our power consumer guide to better Gmail to comprehend them. These are a couple of default labels that arrive as tabs in Gmail. You have four of these: Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.

Categories add context to your emails and keep computerized messages like cultural media updates and promotional mailers out of your primary inbox. Because of the category tabs, you will get specific types of emails faster. For example, if you’re looking for a password reset email, you can jump right to the Updates tabs because that’s where it’s programmed to show up. If you wish to stick with the principal tab only, turn off the category tabs via the Configure inbox option concealed behind the “gear” (Settings) icon.

Filters are rules you set up to teach Gmail to process your email messages for you based on various criteria. You can use filters to avoid automated email messages, find email messages with large attachments, and mark email messages as read. You can use them to label also, delete, and organize email messages automatically. Start by setting up smart Gmail filter systems to cope with the bulk of your email. You might have seen a section entitled Labs in Gmail configurations.