Evaluation –AA 10y 110 Bps

Overall –NI dropped 32% to 3.7 bil, powered by loss in Global Corporate and Investment Banking –Kenneth D.Lewis vowed to root out problems. Evaluation –AA 10y 110 bps, peak 160, relativey reasonable Market events and Comments: –the bank or investment company has spent 675 mil before 2 yrs to grow in investment banking. Bad market bets plunged its trading account, underming it effort to build a investment-banking powerhouse. 20k employees –two a few months ago, it spent 2 bil in CFC –investment bank: no big contact with CDO or Mortgage, should steeer clear of the hist that bruised ML and Citi. Other businesses in investment bank weren’t in a position to grab the slack. Equity halved. Underwriting and Merging fees fell.

Economic stability can be achieved only by eliminating the barriers of growth. Public expenditure has a huge deal in getting economic balance. Therefore, sustainability is the most noted point. To cure inflation government must follow surplus budget policy by reducing its open public expenditure. On in contrast, government are required to follow deficit budget plan during deflation by growing public expenditure. That is simply because public expenditure can merely adjust the quantity of money or more specifically output throughout the market. Public costs has playing an inescapable role in today’s financial systems.

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Is nomination facility designed for PPF account? Yes, nomination facility is designed for Public Provident Fund Account. You have to fill a nomination form at the time of opening a merchant account to avoid difficulties for the nominee down the road. What are the tax benefits from investment in PPF accounts? The investments in Public Provident Fund Account up to Rs. 1, 50,000 qualify for deduction under Section 80C of the income tax act. The entire maturity whole amount including the interest is non-taxable. Can a PPF accounts be transferred? Yes, a PPF account can be transferred in one certified bank or investment company or postoffice to another.

The transferred accounts will be considered as an ongoing Public Provident Fund Account. MAY I transfer my PPF account to some other person? No, a Public Provident Fund Account is not transferable from one person to some other even the nominee cannot continue the account of a deceased customer in his/her own name.

Is partial drawback from PPF accounts allowed? Yes, year onwards subject to certain conditions partial withdrawals can be produced from 7th. Only one partial withdrawal is allowed every financial year. MAY I avail loan facility against my PPF account? Yes, loan service can be availed against a PPF account, subject to certain conditions and terms. The loan can be taken only between 3rd to 6th financial years. Is early closure of PPF accounts allowed?

Yes, the premature closure of the accounts might be allowed to deal with medical emergencies, advanced schooling etc. This will be allowed with a charges of 1% decrease in interest on the whole deposit. How do a discontinued PPF accounts be revived? To revive a discontinued Public Provident Fund Account, you need to pay the minimum deposit of Rs. 500 with default fee of Rs. year 50 for each defaulted. Can I continue my PPF account after maturity?

The Public Provident Fund Account holder can continue his/her accounts after maturity. The tenure can be prolonged for one or even more blocks of 5 years each on written request within 12 months from the date of maturity. Extention without a contribution – The balance in the accounts will continue steadily to earn interest at the prevailing rates till the accounts is shut.

Also, in this case, year any amount can be withdrawn without any restrictions once every financial. Extention with a contribution – The account holder can make deposits as earlier. In this case, withdrawal is fixed to no more than 60% of the total amount at the beginning of each extended period is allowed.

What may happen in the event of the death of the PPF accounts holder? In the event of the loss of life of the general public Provident Fund Account holder, the total amount amount in the accounts will be paid even prior to the conclusion of 15 years, to the nominee or legal heir of the deceased person. The nominee or a legal heir is prohibited to continue the account by causing fresh subscriptions to it.

Why should I invest in PPF account? Public Provident Fund Account is the safest saving device available as it is backed by the federal government of India. The total amount invested, and the eye earned has a sovereign guarantee and returns are tax-free. The investments up to Rs. 1, 50,000 qualify for deduction under Section 80C of the income tax act. Now you don’t have to stand in queues for investments as in most of the banks you can now operate your accounts online.