When it comes to internet marketing, developing a great landing page could be the difference between switching these potential customers into sales and having a losing campaign. There are many facets that go into website landing page design that can either make or break your landing page, or that can make the difference between a few conversions and lots of conversions just. Below are a few things you should keep in mind when designing your landing page.

First of all, when a visitor involves your landing page you want these to have a specific action. This may be clicking a web link to a merchant’s page, registering for your mailing list, getting your e-book or white paper or any true variety of other things. To be able to get these potential customers to do what you want them for you need to limit their options by only providing links that lead them to what they want to do.

Let’s have a closer look at that. Say you make a landing page with a free of charge website builder like Squidoo or Hubpages or lots of the free blog programs. When the client arrives at the page they are presented not just with your links, but with a huge quantity of other links on the web page. On Squidoo, for instance, there are links to other webpages on Squidoo, links to outside sites and a large number of advertisements. While your visitor may select your links and take the action you want them too, they are in the same way likely to click on one of the other links on the web page which means you lose out on a conversion.

Say instead that you create your own website where you can control everything on it. When the visitor arrives these are presented with your text and with links to whatever action it is you want these to take. At that point, their only options are to either click on one of your links or again hit their back button.

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If you have written your squeeze page well they’ll likely choose to select your link, this means they did what you needed them to and have not gotten distracted by extra links on the web page. That is why creating your own website to use for your getting pages is vital to succeeding as an internet marketer. Your own web page allows you to direct these potential customers where you want them to go rather than risk losing them to something it doesn’t advantage you.

If you are like many online marketers, though, you might have a problem with creating your own squeeze page because you don’t know HTML. Learning HTML may take up valuable time you could be using creating new promotions and enhancing your marketing efforts instead of laboring more than a website. Not just that, but if one does eventually get a website created it will most likely not look very professional or come up with because you didn’t really know very well what you were doing when you were building it.