Your Questions Answered 1

Your Questions Answered

I’ve inherited a tidy amount and am considering buying direct stocks. What do I need to think about? I’m sorry for your loss and think it smart to consider direct stocks thoroughly before starting. Your time body should be long term: Hoping to “get-rich-quick” isn’t suitable for direct share trading as losses for a while can be extreme.

Costs and liquidity: The largest errors we see beginner traders make are those centered around trading the “penny stock” part of the market, with trading amounts that are simply just too small. Brokerage costs will eat significantly into returns, and small, illiquid shares may take months or weeks to exit. A decent size position, in a more substantial cap stock, will certainly reduce trading fees and offer the liquidity required, in the event you need to close the positioning in a rush.

Local vs Offshore: Depending on the sum inherited, an offshore share portfolio can be considered. As the offshore investment world is overwhelmingly large, for this option it is recommended to get the help of a specialist. Stock selection: Further to the above, choosing a basket of diverse, well-managed companies with proven track records, offering regular growth with constant dividend payout information, that are priced reasonably, will produce the best long-term results. Utilizing an investment professional is the wisest move.

You can pay a charge for the service, but this is likely to be more than offset by the potential losses you could make while trading by yourself. Timing: According to Sir John Templeton, the best time to invest is when the money is experienced by you. Start and you’ll enjoy the rewards of years from now. What do I have to consider when appointing a guardian for my minor children? With regard to appointing a guardian of small children in your will, there are extensive useful aspects to consider from schooling to tertiary education practicalities, lifestyle requirements and where your domestic pets might go even.

  • The chance to gain profit instantaneously
  • Making purchases in-app, online, with the point-of-sale
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  • New proprietary goal-seeking function, accessible directly from the REIA toolbar
  • It will be a major price driver up to the point of being implemented
  • You will be taxed on the entire amount of withdrawal, and not merely the growth, within the RRSP

But the single non-negotiable factor for a guardian appointment should be sufficient financial provision. Most family members have tremendous obligations just providing for his or her own children already. Additional financial burden for your chosen guardian (to provide for your children), can lead to unnecessary stress in this delicate romantic relationship already. I would recommend that the financial provision is absolute, without any contingencies or strings attached (e.g. financial support from a going-concern business or selling of possessions), as these bring additional risk to your children and guardian. You may plan to sell property for financial support, however in the absence of a willing buyer, this plan fails.

Contingencies like these can press your children’s guardians into financial misery. Appointing guardians is a rather complicated matter as nobody is “you”. It could, however, be simplified by discussions (perhaps on paper) between parents and guardians. You can include teenagers in this discussion even, where age appropriate. Determine faster, than later rather, how you are departing your children in back of and seek advice from an estate-planning specialist to ensure nothing is missed.

Where must I make investments next? I’ve built up 8 months well worth of monthly expenditures in a Money Market Fund and I’m contributing 10% to my employer’s pension finance. What should I do next? Financial planning is approximately identifying risks, prioritizing them and appropriately allocating resources. You have an emergency fund Now, you could allocate discretionary savings to a Tax-Free CHECKING ACCOUNT (contributing to the limits of R33 000 per year, or R500 000 over your daily life).

If you have financial dependents, or any financial obligations or personal debt, you need to safeguard against what would happen if you could no longer earn an income and put actions set up, as appropriate. Consider risk benefits including life, disability, and dread disease cover. I’ve gathered significant wealth in my own estate and have two grandchildren as my beneficiaries.

How should I make sure everything I’ve earned reaches them to allow them to build their own prosperity? I’m concerned they may be frivolous spenders. Passing on prosperity and belongings to a generation where instant gratification is the order of the day can be a concern. An adequately drafted property plan will need the needs of the family into consideration to ensure positioning with your purpose to transfer your own financial freedom to another generation. This is the end result of the structured process in which a proper evaluation of the goals of the property planning exercise is the focus. Many a well-structured property plan has failed because, although very tax-efficient, it neglected the needs of the family.