The Inkey List CAN BE AN Under-$15 Skin-Care Brand Now At Sephora: Review 1

The Inkey List CAN BE AN Under-$15 Skin-Care Brand Now At Sephora: Review

I have always got a love-hate romantic relationship with my pores and skin. It was a continuing battle as a teen (mainly hormonal), and I thought it was all going to be over my 20s strike once. Boy was I wrong. A year ago, my skin acquired a major freak-out. This wasn’t regular acne – it was cystic, unstoppable acne, the type no foundation could mask. A couple weeks ago, I had been introduced to The Inkey List, a new skin-care brand I’d never heard about, but it got an interesting concept: solitary ingredient skin-care products.

Every product has one main ingredient – minimalism at its best. 15. (Yes, you read that right.) I made a decision to supply the relative range a try to help solve my epidermis woes. 15-skin-care lines worth the hype? Well, month I completely ditched my old skin-care schedule and swapped it out with Inkey List for the past.

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  • Create a perfect surface for your makeup
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And my pores and skin hasn’t been better. Some tips about what I used: Each day, I began with the Hyaluronic Acid serum, which leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. Followed by the Caffeine, which can be the eyes cream made out of – yes, caffeine – to lessen puffiness and dark circles. Then I applied the Q10 serum (something I put never heard about prior to trying it), which really is a milky serum that protects against skin damage caused by environmental stressors like air pollution.

And my last step is one of the innovation products, the polyglutamic acid, which leaves my skin hydrated and plump right before applying makeup. The evening In, The Salicylic can be used by me Cleanser, which really is a game changer for acne-prone skin, as it sloughs off surface dirt while also purging clogged pores carefully. Then I tap on the Beta Hydroxy Acid, a chemical substance exfoliator that works to remove lifeless epidermis cells and brighten skin carefully. To hydrate, I slather on the Hyaluronic Acid.

I follow with a moisturizer (my own) to lock everything set up. On Sundays, it’s self-care with the Kaolin Mask, a gentle-yet-thick, creamy clay face mask that helps to absorb excess oil. A month to do the program day and night After, I’m still caring the Inkey List. My cystic acne has started to get rid of, and I now have a shine – both which I never thought I’d see. It’s safe to say with a large number of beauty brands on the market, I think There is the one.

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