Beach Body Baby: Mo’Nique Shows Off 100-Pound Weight Loss 1

Beach Body Baby: Mo’Nique Shows Off 100-Pound Weight Loss

We see you Mo’Nique! Over the last few years Mo’Nique has been specializing in her well being and the exhausting work is paying off. She confirmed off her 100-pound weight loss on the seashore with her other 40 and fabulous mates. HEY SISTERS. THE forty AND OLDER Club. AT YHE Beach HAVING A BALL.

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The violence has disproportionately killed young black males, nevertheless it has also taken senior citizens and children. Two toddlers had been shot in May. A 7-12 months-outdated girl was killed final summer, and her 4-year-previous sister was injured in a separate capturing four months later. One criminologist says that in some East and West Baltimore neighborhoods, gun violence will kill one in 10 black men, earlier than age 35. The escalating violence quickly shifted focus away from efforts to deal with systemic poverty.

“The dialog de rigueur is on policing,” said Stefanie A. DeLuca, a Johns Hopkins sociologist who has studied Baltimore and youths in poverty for 17 years. “It misses the important thing point, that a lot of the younger people in our city usually are not criminals. The forces behind the dying toll are complicated and hotly debated.