The Monthly "Digital Maturity" Book Tuning: Shape A Transcendent Digital Business July 2019 1

The Monthly “Digital Maturity” Book Tuning: Shape A Transcendent Digital Business July 2019

Going digital takes the strategic strategy, multifaceted management disciplines, and structural process to drill down the critical success factors and develop differentiated business competency. Digital makes a significant impact on every part of the business from people, process to technology, both horizontally and vertically. The digitalization flattens the organizational hierarchy and blurs the functional, organizational, and geographical borders in the business ecosystem. It is just like a gigantic puzzle numerous misplaced pieces, you have to place them all in the right places to discover the true meaning and unleash its full potential.

You cannot make a genuine digital paradigm change lacking any in-depth understanding of the digital interconnectivity and embracing the large number of digital maturity. Three Perspectives to Run Transcendent Digital Business The growing digital technologies are actually spreading rapidly to enable organizations of all shapes and sizes to reinvent themselves.

Companies shouldn’t just react to them in a reactive way. Shaping Digital Business via Contextualization, Synchronization, and Harnomization Organizations all face fierce contests and continuous disruptions. How successfully the business is designed for “VUCA” digital new normal depends upon how fast and capable they can adjust to changes. The business has become “unconscious” if it is no longer giving an answer to the external environment or shows inner culture inertia or frictions. It’s important for business management, not allowing things “falling apart” but building an “integral whole” and shaping a higher mature digital business via contextualization, synchronization, and harmonization.

The Multiple Paths to Reach the Inflection Point for Reaching the High Level Business Maturity The journey of improving business maturity is more evolutionary than groundbreaking. The business gets to the tipping point when the business fundamental elements such as people, process, technology, or culture are going to change. Creating a Dynamic Digital Business by Overcoming the “Growth Pain”? With “VUCA” digital new normal, a static business is coming out. Today our powerful Digital organizations, informative, nonlinear, adaptive, and innovative, etc. The Greiner curve models referred to that we now have several crisis factors on the growth cycle of the business. When the blowing wind of change blows, some build walls; some build windmills.

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The problems point is when change becomes inevitable. Crises should not be prevented, or feared but work hard to get over. It’s part of “growth pain,” deal with it positively to be able to build a dynamic digital organization and focus on continuous improvement. The Strategic Self-Renewal of Digital Business Digital is the new paradigm change to deep connect the business character of the powerful ecosystem. The digital business is similar to a living thing that needs to keep growing and evolving.

Going digital calls for the strategic strategy, multifaceted management disciplines, and structural process to drill down the critical success factors and develop differentiated business competency. Here are three perspectives of business self-renewal to make the jump of digital maturity. The “Digital Master” book series includes 25 books to talk about insight from the multidimensional digital lens and perceive the multi-faceted impact the digital era upon us is making to the businesses and society. The content richness is not because of its own sake but to mention the vision and share the wisdom.

Individual market leaders with high self-esteem generally have greater degrees of self-confidence, and studies also show that they support their subordinates more and when they punish, punish better. Also, self-esteem may be the root reason why leadership and elevation are linked, because people who are taller have greater self-esteem and for that reason task more charisma and get more supporters.

Those people who have higher integrity are seen as more trustworthy and therefore gain more followers. 135. Differentiate between mental cleverness and emotional intelligence. What impact will either have on leadership within a business? Mental intelligence is represented by IQ and obviously reflects abilities such as mathematical and verbal comprehension.