Information AROUND THE Extension Of PRSI Liability To Unearned Income

The Extension of PRSI Liability to the Unearned Income of All Employed Contributors and to Occupational Pensioners under Pensionable Age. To 2013 improved rate contributors i Prior.e. april 1995 civil and general public servants recruited prior to, were exempt from PRSI on income apart from cash flow. 2. self-employed income which comes within PAYE.

The PRSI charge on all attained self-employed income and on any unearned income these folks also have, applies from is and 1-1-2013 payable with their taxes through the self-assessed tax system. The PRSI charge on all self-employed income which comes within PAYE, is payable from 28 June 2013 and it is deducted at source.

The new PRSI charge won’t bring about any interpersonal insurance entitlements. Social insurance entitlements predicated on PRSI paid on the individuals main civil or public service employment will never be affected. Generally people between 16 years and under pensionable age are prone to PRSI on all their different types of income.

All employees pay PRSI on their earnings from employment. If a worker has income from self-employment e.g. taxi drivers, he also will pay PRSI as a self-employed contributor on the profits from the taxi cab driving plus any unearned income he could have e.g. local rental income. However if a worker or a person in receipt of the occupational pension has certain types of unearned income only, the unearned income is exempt from PRSI. In Budget 2013 it was announced that from 1st January 2014, the exemption from PRSI deciding on used contributors and occupational pensioners aged under 66 years whose only additional income is unearned income, will be abolished.

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This means that unearned income such as local rental income, investment income, dividends and interest on debris and cost savings will be prone to PRSI. Interest on deposits and savings happens to be liable to DIRT (risen to 41% from 2014 as announced by the Minister for Finance in his Budget 2014 speech). This income will now also become liable to PRSI at 4% for the above persons provided the person is a chargeable person relative to the Revenue description as detailed below. This new PRSI charge won’t bring about any sociable insurance benefits.

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