MAKING A MARK: Blogging Art In 2019

This award is for excellence in plein-air painting and a strong commitment to posting information. I’m not saying I’ve found everybody who provides good advice – but I do wish I possibly could find more blogs that I could point people towards in conditions of regular plein air painters who are useful and share useful information. I have a tendency to check out weblogs by finding the “plein-air painting” label and then studying the posts. There are a great number of plein-air painters however, not so many who discuss useful information on a regular basis. Michael Chesley Johnson (A Plein Air Painter’s Blog) – Michael has published a new book in 2008 about Backpacker Painting.

He specialises in painting in both natural oils and pastels and a lot of his painting is performed plein air. He shares useful information in workshops, and in his blog as well as in the publication. Irene Brady (Nature Drawing and Journaling Workshops) who will provide some useful and practical tips associated with drawing and painting plein air on location in the jungle! Linda Blondheim (Linda Blondheim Art Notes) who combines practical tips about marketing, painting, and painting plein air with formulas. James Gurney (Gurney Journey) – champion of The FAQs and Answers Really Useful Medal 2008 – and his useful tips about Plein Air Painting.

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Here’s an example of how he approaches a painting outdoors throughout a Paint-Out. This award is for the artwork blog which I’ve found most stimulating in relation to getting us touching nature and the surroundings. It includes those who blog about animals, birds, flowers, and plants. Blogs are not required at all to limit themselves to just those topics however they do need to have a feel to be green and sustainable about them.

They also get extra points for getting out and about and drawing from life! In 2007, the award was received by Richard Bell’s nature diary Wild West Yorkshire. Richard began his nature journal in 1989 and proceeds to set a standard that is hard to beat. I assume I’m on the look out for another Andy Goldsworthy!

Irene Brady’s blog about Nature Drawing and Journaling Workshops. Pica and Numenius describe Feathers of Wish to be a weblog on nature and place, the look arts, critters, and football. It information a practical dedication to saving birds certainly. Rebecca Latham (Nature & Wildlife Art) whose blog features miniature paintings of wildlife and where she shares videos of her method of painting. Sherrie York (Brush and Baren) who produces wonderful linocuts featuring character and wildlife. Debbie Kotter Caspari (Drawing the Motmot) whose blog is referred to as being about sketching travels in the wide world of nature, with how-to sidebars and a bias for birds. Right now she’s off Drawing the Amazon.

I determined that the winners of the Going Greener Gong in 2008 should be two ladies who share a common theme which is a little of a pun on my part. They both pull character in the fresh, travel into the forest (“going greener”) at home and in faraway lands to do so and then record what they in their sketchbooks and on their blogs.

There are two key necessities to the prize(s). One is that the blogger must be writing stories of life as it is lived within an artist’s household and, second, preferably there can be an amusing edge to it! Plus this is when you find out who’s blogs I read for reasons quite in addition to the quality of the art! Walt Taylor (Crackskullbob) – who has a variety of names as does his blog – regularly breaks me up.

Tracy Helgeson’s paintings (Functions by Tracy Helgeson) very much indeed, but I’d arrived for the tales even if she never published any paintings. 2007 – Dermott (I am Dog Hear Me Snore) the Australian Old English Sheepdog who lives in Tuscany with Mr and Mrs We Spent quite a while Booking This Dog – won both!

This was a new award this season – and its own focus is on regions of the online art world where we are seeing innovation. I had been quite disappointed about the number of nominations received – but having increased the number of hours people could nominate for in one to three, maybe that’s something I should have expected! I’d be thinking about your feedback as to whether you think this is a good idea for next year.

I’d prefer to nominate the NEWA (National Exhibition of Wildlife Art) online exhibition. I find everything about this exhibition to be professionally done. The online gallery provides large clear images of all ongoing use the added service to reserve a painting. I’d like to nominate the Canine Art Guild’s “Helping Paws” exhibition.