Pharma Label Printing is Critical 1

Pharma Label Printing is Critical

In the pharmaceutical industry, labeling is an essential part of product manufacturing. It provides important information about the product such as its manufacturer name, ingredients and dosage guidelines. If you have virtually any concerns regarding exactly where and also how you can use cGMP labels and packaging, you are able to email us with the page.

The labels for pharmaceutical products must be legible, durable and able to withstand the rigors and storage conditions.

Pharma Label Printing is Critical 2

Regulatory Compliance

The United States’ pharmaceutical industry is very regulated. Therefore, it’s important to properly label products. This includes the medication name, strength and dosage, as well as information about diluents and expiration dates.

When printing labels for pharmaceutical products, companies must adhere to strict regulations. This includes making sure that each label is legible, accurate, and lasts.

A reliable supplier can guarantee these standards are met. They may employ digital dry-toner technology for label printing on certified substrates.

Data Matrix codes can also be embedded in pharmaceutical products to protect against counterfeiting. These codes can be printed small and are legible for at least five decades.

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires that pharmaceutical labels be serialized since 2013. This law gives steps to label printers to create an interoperable electronic system that uniquely identifies certain prescription drugs.


Barcodes and randomized tracking numbers added to labels are an effective way of deterring counterfeiters. These technologies can also be used to improve patient compliance and ensure product safety.

In pharmaceutical supply chains, serialization and traceability are essential components. This capability allows manufacturers to track the entire route of their products, which helps lower the risk for counterfeit medicines.

The right printing solution is crucial to achieve these capabilities. For example, inkjet printers with continuous inkjet can cut production cycles and increase uptime.

Digital presses that use dry toner can print at a resolution of 1200 dpi. This is more than enough to display high-resolution images. These printers are ideal for pharmaceutical label printing.

Pharma packaging can also include control numbers and expiration dates. These technologies can be combined with other features to enhance brand protection and offer greater value.


Protecting pharmaceuticals against counterfeiting is important because they are sensitive products. This means that all packaging seals and my sources labels must include a unique serial code and be securely fixed.

To protect consumers from counterfeit medicines, pharmaceutical manufacturers must comply with stringent labelling requirements and identification specifications under the EU Falsified Medicines Directive. We offer a variety of products that combine excellent print quality and tamper-evident characteristics to ensure compliance with these requirements.

Security printing solutions consist of 2D matrix printing which encodes information to be printed onto the product, void protection material which displays ‘VOID’ or ‘TAMPER WARNING’ when removed from its label covering, and coin reactive inks which can be rubbed over the surface to reveal covered items beneath.

New Jersey Packaging is a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry. They offer RxTrackNSecureTM anticounterfeiting and antifraud printing services. These services protect against fraudulence, diversion, and counterfeiting. The company offers holographic label coverings for high-security applications with supplied UV and IR tags, random Serialization for low security applications, as well as tamper proof packages made out frangible materials.


Labels that meet FDA standards and are high quality are required by the pharmaceutical industry. These labels can withstand the demands of storage, distribution and use.

They must also provide complete information about their products. This information includes all aspects of the product, from side effects to dosage instructions.

A reliable pharma label printer should be able to meet all your needs. They must produce labels that meet regulatory requirements and offer extra features such as micro text or raised images.

They should be able to produce a range of labels such as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, immune products, medicinal foods, my sources and medical foods.

They should offer the highest quality and durability, as well as have a rapid turnaround time. Your business will be able to sell more and ensure that patients get their medication on time. You probably have any questions pertaining to where and how you can make use of pharmaceutical Labels and Packaging, you can call us at our own web-site.