It’s about time you take a look at the label on the back of your cosmetics. While drugs in america must be approved by the FDA before hitting the market, the U.S. So long as they don’t contain any things that are classified as drugs, products do not have to be approved by the U.S.

As a result, popular cosmetic companies continue to use ingredients that may be looked at dangerous. Many of which are prohibited in other countries. This is definately not a comprehensive set of ingredients that we use in america that have been prohibited in europe as well as Canada and Japan. Talc was a popular mineral used in powdered deodorants and cosmetics until it was found out that, in its natural condition, it might contain asbestos. However, after asbestos was found out to be always a carcinogen, regulation of talc has been rigorous. Consumer Talcum products have been asbestos-free because the 1970s, however, studies have mentioned a connection between asbestos-free talc and ovarian cancer tumor.

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Above: Troy and Gabriella, singing their hearts out, which suits because the melody is our first post title. Hello, dear reader. Wow! Didn’t see you there! So that was my attempt to be funny by displaying my readers how much I battled to discover a way to begin this post. Pretty cheesy, I know, but I am nervous to begin to share my life with you quite, wonderful visitors! God knows how you’ve found my little blog, with the millions of trillions of sites there are on the internet.

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